Three Sisters Furnishings is a family owned and operated business. Joined by their three daughters (Jacki, Tracy and Katie, aka… “The Three Sisters”), Roger and Judy Imdieke started a family business when a combination of needs and ideas came together.

Starting with a request from a local Amish craftsman to help market his log cabins, noticing an empty building for sale at a well-traveled central Minnesota intersection, the realization of having many talented people right on our front doorstep and a mixture of other variables are all what led to Three Sisters Furnishings becoming a reality one year later. After hard work among friends and family renovating a former restaurant, Three Sisters opened its doors on July 17, 2009.

We are most grateful to our customers for coming back to us again and again and helping with our success thus far!


Three Sisters + Amish hat +Amish log cabin = Three Sisters Furnishings logo