We pride ourselves in being a family owned small business. With that title comes a lot of responsibility. Making the New London-Spicer and Glacial Lakes Area a better place to live and visit is something we value at Three Sisters. Giving to non-profit organizations that do so much for our neighbors is a win-win effort.

If you have a cause that is looking for support, please fill out the application below. Due to the number of requests we receive; unfortunately, we cannot give to every cause. Be assured we make every effort to give to those that do the most good for the most individuals.

Alternatively, if you or supporters of this fundraising effort visit our store and provide details of the fundraiser, Three Sisters will provide you with a 30% discount on items you purchase that will be used for the fundraiser. For example, if there is a live or silent auction, you may purchase an item to be placed in auction.  (Proof that item was used for fundraiser may be requested, and some store items may not qualify.)

All donations may be picked up at Three Sisters during business hours.

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