Welcome to Three Sisters Furnishings

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Changes are Happening!


Along with the additional furniture display area we added this summer we have now also updated our website. In addition to our previous furniture galleries and other information some new features that are now available are…

  • Check out our Social Media pages by clicking any of the icons which are direct links to our Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and Twitter pages found at the top center on each page.
  • Use the search bar located in the upper right corner of each page to search our entire web site for unique key words to quickly find a specific post or gallery item again.
  • Stay current on recent activity here by checking out our Blog posts.
  • Quickly sort through blog posts by using drop-down filters located in the sidebar to sort by Post category types or month posted.
  • Purchase gifts cards in various quantities and amounts directly through our online shopping page.
  • Find out exactly where we are located by using the interactive Google map.

We are excited about both our in-store and online-store expansion.  Look for additional products to start arriving in our online store this summer.